Hot Cocoa

While the Mayans may have been sipping cold cocoa as far back as 500 BC, it wasn’t until the 17th Century that our beloved sweet, hot cocoa started warming the bellies of the snow-chilled.  No winter ice skating romp, no after-school snowball fight and, dare I say, no ending of any winter eve is truly complete without a milky hot cocoa and a handful of melting marshmallows.  Unfortunately, hot cocoa on-the-go is a tad tricky or is it?.  I offer you the Hot Cocoa Cakebite (you can’t say it three times fast, don’t bother).  Rich layers of chocolate and marshmallow cake, bound together by a decadently sweet cocoa cream enrobed in a chocolate coating and topped with our “snowball” sprinkles.  Am I sitting before a fire?  I should be.  Hot Cocoa Cakebites  are only around while Santa is at work, so get them while they last.  Cozy and comforting; indulge in a Hot Cocoa Cakebite.

Family Pack Item #17950
Unit UPC: 037695 178905
Case GTIN: 100 37695 179503

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